what is saas software as a service platform with the definition

What is SaaS software as a service platform with the definition

As technology is upgrading day by day as software is also a part of technology so why not software will upgrade? So, for that, a new way of software serving or using software has arrived. It is called SaaS. SaaS is widely known as software as a service. As the name is showing, this type of software user uses as a service platform. So here in this post, we are going to know all about what is SaaS software as a service platform with the definition. Also, we will know the definition of SaaS software as a service and the advantages over normal uses of the software platform.


So first let us know what is the definition of SaaS software as a service.


As from the name software as a service, the software that user can be used through the internet and through cloud-based solutions known as SaaS or software as a service. In the clear meaning, the software used does not need to install it physically on the Pc or laptop. The software is a cloud or server, through the internet that can be accessed and all the user data also stored at that server.

The best example of the SaaS we use daily is the email like Gmail, Yahoo mail, Outlook etc. For this we never install any software on our Pc or Laptop, through the internet we can use this.

We can say this type of software provides cloud-based service. Also, another example is Microsoft Office 365. It is also an example of Saas software.


Is our data is safe with SaaS software as a service?

As there is may arise a question that about or data as saas is using with cloud and through the internet. This is the truth that security is a very major part on this type of platforms. Also, we use online banking and other online payment activities. On these platforms, we feel worried at some time.

The security is depending on the server in which the data is transferring through. How the server is secure also the data are more secure.


How can we use a SaaS-based software?

As we discussed above some SaaS-based software is free and some are paid. We have to buy a license from the owner or from the company providing that particular software. According to their procedure, we have to use that software.


Advantages of SaaS software as a service.

There are many advantages of this platform.

To use SaaS-based software, a user does not need to install it on the Pc or laptop and also user can purchase a license and use it through the internet.

As no installation needs so no hardware worry. Like if we are going to use a software if a particular amount of RAM and memory needs that, so here not to worry about that as it is on a server. All the hardware related things manage by an owner of that.

Here we can save money. As the software we install a software on our Pc or laptop, we have to buy a whole software. But in this case, the feature that we need we can buy that. As we are not buying the whole software, so here we can save money.

Run the software is very easy. As most of this type of application runs on the browser, so it is easy.

As this software runs through a browser. Now all software comes with responsive design, so user can easily run it through a mobile browser.

No need to update software. As we update the software we use, in this case, that does not need.

A user can access this type of software anywhere as it needs a browser to run.


Disadvantages of SaaS software as a service.

It needs internet to run. Without the internet, it cannot be used.

If right server based software is not chosen. Data theft or stolen risk is there.


So in the above, we discussed what is saas software as a service platform with the definition. If you want to know more about IT or software related, visit our IT  section.





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