What is PaaS platform as a service

What is PaaS platform as a service

Before we had discussed SaaS, software as a service. Now we are going to know about PaaS platform as a service. Here we are going to know what is PaaS platform as a service and the definition with its advantages. If you are not cover our post about what is SaaS, visit out IT section to know all about it. As SaaS stands for software as a service and like that PaaS stands for the platform as a service.

So what is PaaS platform as a service and the definition?

As the name indicates it is a platform based in the cloud and uses for development and deployment. All the sources need for a development, all the required sources are on the cloud. Using the resources the development works done.

The sources available on the cloud helps IT developer, admin to build and integrate mobile and web-based applications.

The require programming components are there on the cloud and using that the developer integrates it. Also, the PaaS has the latest technologies like AI, IoT etc.

Using of PaaS database management, security, content management can be handled easily.

A user needs to purchase the services and access all those through a secure internet connection.

Some examples of PaaS platform as a service

As the name is a platform as a service, so it uses in application development and also in business solutions. IoT, Google App engine, windows azure, all these are an example of application development PaaS examples.

Business intelligence, data management, the blockchain, all these are examples of business PaaS.

Web servers and database are also an example of PaaS.


Why should go for PaaS platform as a service?

There are several benefits about PaaS. Using of PaaS there are many technical advantages like developing and building Apps that gave a great value.

Using this Apps and other IT related development goes faster. Also, using this it is easy to protect Apps. As by using this IT development goes so, building and integrating goes faster.

It helps to reduce the overall cost of the product.


Advantages of the PaaS platform as a service

It helps to reduce vast line of coding and it makes easier to build and integrate new Apps.

Without having skilled person apps and other IT related development can be done as it provides that platform.

Using Paas it can easily develop multiple platforms like mobile, computer etc.

A developer can take help and assistant with worldwide developers and support.

The building, testing and integrating can be easily done as it provides a single platform to build new Apps.

In business it can be easily integrated with, real-time information can be tracked by Apps or software, productivity can be easily increased.


So in the above discussion, we have shared the What is PaaS platform as a service and advantages of it. There are other IT related posts in our IT category. visit and keep update yourself.





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