what is iot internet of things and its applications in various areas

What is IoT internet of things and its applications in various areas

How fast technology is spreading and increasing its place in every area, that we cannot imagine. We may ever hear about IoT, Internet of things. IoT is also a part of new technology. In our daily life, we all are using it. Here we will know What is IoT internet of things and its applications in various areas. As technology is taking its position at every place, as IoT is also a new technology and how it is using at the various place and about IoT, we will know here.


So what is IoT?

IoT, Internet of Things, that are those physical devices not only from our home but also from around the world that can be accessed through the Internet known as IoT. IoT devices are assigned through IP address and that can be accessed over the Internet.

Through an example, it will be clear. Let us take an example of a bulb, now we can turn on and off a bulb through our mobile App. So it is also a good example of IoT.

Also, these IoT devices are assigned with sensors to operate it through the internet. Also, another example smart cities. For this work, thousands of sensors are operating together and providing us a better control.


IoT  Internet of things and its applications in various areas.

Smart home

Smart home means we can say home included with new technology. Many companies and new startup are now providing a smart home for consumers. Smart products like using app turning on and off the bulb, Amazon smart speaker and Google home, smart plugs that we can turn of or on through mobile app etc. As we discussed above all the devices that can be assigned an IP and accessible through the Internet that we called the IoT devices.


Smart city

For the smart city, IoT also helps a lot. Like traffic management in a smarter way, waste management and water supply in cities, now they all can be accessible and can be managed through.

Application of this technology for the smart city makes the city safer, pollution free and noise free.


For smart grids

As the name suggests to make our grids smarter we use this technology. For electric supply to consumers and industries, it helps a lot. This technology can be the help to increase efficiency, reliability and consumer performances.


For connected cars

In the coming future, we will see connected car technology. Many big giant companies are working on it. Soon we will able to see internet connected cars.


For health

We can say the smart health or smart medical. Before we discussed AI in medicals. So through the internet of things new devices, Internet-connected devices, and smart devices makes treatment easier, safer and faster.


Cloud services

Many cloud services alike Google cloud, Amazon Aws service provides this cloud service. By these huge amounts of data through the cloud is able transferring and storing in a safer way.



For industries, it is providing a great value. Helps for improving efficiency, improving productivity, helps to create new business opportunity, safety etc.

It also, help and makes work easier in supply chain and customer service. For more about it visit here.


So what is IoT internet of things and its applications in various areas we already discussed and in coming we will discuss more about it in our other posts?


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