what is high level programming language

What is high level programming language

When it comes to learning about programming languages, it may raise a question about high-level language or high-level programming languages. When a student completes his/her graduation then he/she may choose to build a career with IT and programming skills. There are language options that are with low, high, middle level. Here you are going to know what is high-level language?

Like we humans use languages for conversation and share one others opinions with everyone. There are many languages that are used to communicate like English, Hindi, Spanish, etc and many more.

But computers do not use these languages to communicate. They can only understand 0 and 1. These 0 and 1 are also known as binary language or machine language.

So, what is high-level programming languages?

High-level languages depend more with programming logic and this language is independent of machine-written with the English language. These languages are easy to read, write, edit, and understand by everyone.

It is more dependent on logic rather on hardware configuration. It enables to development of a program with much easier and user-friendly manner.

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These languages are designed to easily read and edit by the human. These are used by humans or by programmers to develop it.

It is much easier to learn and implement than low-level languages. By using these languages, it is mainly focused to be created a specific program.

The first high-level language is Plankalkul. It was created by Konrad Zuse in the year 1942 to 1925. But it was not implemented to use.

These languages deal with variables, objects, arrays etc rather deals with machine hardware.

As you read before about binary or machine language that is 0 and 1, as it is difficult to write a program by a programmer. They used English to write a program.

Examples of high-level programming languages

The example of these languages you may know or listen once but you do not have an idea that these are those.

C, C++, Java, Basic, COBOL, Pascal etc.

From this list, Java is one of the famous programming language used by every programmer.


From the above post, you got some idea about what is high-level programming languages? If you have any doubt do comment below. For more stuff like this visit our site regularly.

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