esim technology.

What is an eSim technology?

All about the eSIM technology

As technology is developing day by day, so why not in for SIM? For sim there is a new technology has been taking place. It is called the new eSIM technology. eSIM technology is known as embedded SIM or also it is known as electronics SIM. It is an integrated SIM chip embedded into a device. This eSIM technology does not need any physical SIM tray as we are seeing in all devices now. The user can easily choose a network provider without having a physical sim card.


What is an eSIM?

As the name suggests it is the embedded SIM or the electronics SIM or virtual SIM. It does not need any physical SIM card. As with the devices we are now using as all of us know we have to put the physical SIM of the carrier network which we want to use. But in eSIM, there is a chip inside the device.

As eSIM has an integrated chip and we can say the working is similar to NFC works.

We may think that as the eSIM devices included the chip for SIM. So if the user needs to change the carrier user has to change the device too.

But not in the eSIM technology case. The advantages of eSIM are that we can switch carrier by the device itself. Also, the user can use multiple sim cards by eSIM technology. As required of user switching between carrier is also easy.

There will be an extra setting for SIM in the settings menu of the device. By that eSIM settings, the user can choose, manage and switch carrier as required.

Google Pixel 2 is the first device having the eSIM technology. There is also an App for managing eSIM in the Play Store.

Now iPhone XS and XS Max also support eSIM now.

By the mobile network association, GSMA is now defining the eSIM standards.


Advantages of eSIM over physical SIM:

As we notice that some devices come with the hybrid sim slot and inbuilt memory. As eSIM technology needs a chip so there will be more space for other types of equipment for devices. The battery can be more by ignoring the physical sim slot. Also, the size of the device will smaller.

Also, there will be no fear for personal data stolen as physical sim card can be stolen or can be lost out by mistake.


From when can we start using eSIM?

As the handset manufacturer needs to include eSIM inside the device also the network carriers need to support it. When the user needs to travel to other country so this technology needs to be support for that country carrier too. So all network carriers need to support eSIM technology around the world.

Also, some computer manufacturer has been included in the LTE based Pcs. In the coming future, we can see it a lot.

As discussed earlier device manufacturer like Google and Apple has already been adopted the eSIM technology. Also, other device makers should take it.


Country wise eSIM technology supporting network carriers:

This technology not only deepens on device maker but also depends on the carrier networks.

So here are the lists of country wise carriers that support eSIM technology:

  • Australia – T-Mobile.
  • Canada – Bell.
  • Croatia – Hrvatski Telecom.
  • Czech Republic – T-Mobile.
  • Germany – Telekom, Vodafone.
  • Hungary – Magyar Telekom.
  • India – Airtel, Reliance Jio.
  • Spain – Vodafone Spain.
  • United Kingdom – EE.
  • United States – AT&T, T-Mobile USA, Verizon Wireless.

Note: All this data is taken from Apple Site.


It may slow but in future, the eSIM technology will adopt by the globe. Both the device makers and carrier providers need to work together for acquiring this technology.

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