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What can we expect from Google pixel 4

Phone by Google the Google pixel 3 and pixel 3xl, were launched with many of new specs and features. Now the waiting is for the coming Google pixel 4 and pixel 4xl. So what can be expected from the Google pixel 4xl?

In the previous pixel, that is pixel 3 and 3xl were a bunch of new specs. It has the new e-sim technology, USB Type-C and, AR/VR, Snapdragon 845 chipset and many more. With 12.2 MP camera at the rear and 8 MP, wide-angle camera at the front is there in this phone.

Now the waiting for the new Google pixel 4 and 4xl. This phone is going to launch in the year 2019. At the month of October, the new announcement by Google arrive.

So what can we expect from the coming Google pixel 4 and 4xl?

From the rumor, Google is now working with a Lite version of the 2018 version pixel. It may come pixel 3 Lite and pixel 3 Lite xl. And this NEWS is likely to confirm in the coming days but form the strong sources it is clear that these two devices are going to launch in the year 2019.

There is no doubt the new coming device will work with Android Q. But about this, there is no confirmation till date.

There is NEWS about the coming Google pixel 4 that, it will support multi-SIM functionality. The new hardware with this device is continuing designing that it will support this new SIM function.

Here you cannot use e-SIM and physical SIM simultaneously with the old 2 and 3 models of pixel phones. That means these two devices supports dual SIM with a single standby.

With all the other android devices has the feature that it can be dual stand by and can receive call and messages both. In the coming device, Google is working to a dual SIM.

Also, the new OS of android that is Android Q is going to have this feature.

Conclusion about

Google pixel 4 device

As we can expect the coming device is having an error-free for the SIM case and it will support dual stand by. That means the new pixel 4 device will support e-SIM and physical SIM simultaneously. For info like this always our site is here.

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