uakitite a new mineral.

Uakitite, a new mineral found from Siberian meteorite

Uakitite, a new mineral found from the Siberian meteorite. It Was not seen before on earth

There are several meteorite piles of earth witnessing every year. But it is not possible to experiment more on those meteorites.

There was an incident happened in the year 2016 in Russia. Some members from gold hunters got a yellowish stone and they thought it was the new metal or any other things that they did not come across before.

The rock was around 3.6 K.g. The rock was a meteorite and it had come from the space.

The rock had a different structure and it had also a mineral which was never seen before. But still, scientists had to prove the things.

As the rock was found from the area name Uakit region Siberia, so scientists gave the name Uakitite to that mineral. The meteorite was fall at that Uakit region scientists gave the name so.

The mineral is made up of 98% Kamacite, an iron-nickel alloy which has around at least 90% iron.

And the rest 2% was the other minerals. There were some minerals which can only be formed in space. The compositions of these minerals were different. In an extreme hot circumstance, these minerals can be formed. The temperature is around 1,000° C or 1,800° F. Other two minerals carlsbergite and osbornite, that forms in space are common was present.

The new mineral Uakitite is hard like some less hardness than diamond. It is proved in the laboratory. The molecular structure matched with some known hard materials in the earth.

The size of the mineral was very small around 5 micrometers in size. So it was so difficult for scientists to measure many properties about the mineral. Human hair is 99  micrometers and a healthy blood cell is in between 6-8 micrometers in diameter. So it was too small for direct analysis for that mineral.

Also, researchers were mentioned in their studies that they failed to find physical properties of the mineral.

There is also new technology needs for the study of tiny sample materials. The researchers mentioned.

As always scientists try their best to find the new discovery. In this case, as the mineral was tiny, they face some problems to get the things but they did it.  the scientist got some similar structures as other space materials carlsbergite and osbornite. These are nitrides because they contain nitrogen.

To obtain the structural data of Uakitite, scientists apply the technique called electron backscatter diffraction. This technique helped the scientists to examine some new physical properties. It has the hardness in Mohs scale from 9-10.

As hard other nitrides, this mineral also put the same. But it was not hard like a diamond.

The meteorite is made up with iron mostly but it needs more technology to the study about Uakitite. Due to extremely small sizes of the grains scientist face difficulty to find physical properties of uakitite.


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