The Latest iphone 2018

The new iPhone 2018 has finally been revealed

iPhone 2018, the leaks and rumors are here

iPhone 2018. We all are waiting for what will be the surprise from Apple. The new iPhone from Apple for 2018.

Some rumors have arrived about iPhone 2018. Apple is going to introduce the new versions of the iPhone later this year.

iPhone X was launched earlier, according to rumors there will be a larger version of iPhone X is going to take place and this could be the iPhone X Plus.

The price list may be it will $999. iPhone X was the best selling phone in the starting of 2018. We are hoping best that there will some upgrading from Apple for the new iPhone 2018.

According to rumors, there may be new build materials, new colors, increase f processing speed, screen resolution will higher and the battery life will give more power for a long time.

Other companies are working on that technology which is more demanding by the people now these days. Android devices are now focusing on the technology of the camera and the new camera technology is on demand from users.

It is left a few days to know what is coming from Apple in 2018. But rumors are already giving the hints and may some confirm NEWS. We will update you on every single update from Apple.

Rumors for iPhone 2018:

According to rumors, there may be three cameras in iPhone 2018.

The new iPhone may three rear cameras to produce better pictures. Also, the zoom capability of the device will be increased and the device will take better pictures in low light.

Rumors are telling that iPhone X Plus maybe three cameras. But also from another report till 2019, there will not any three camera model in iPhones. So let’s wait to see what is coming?

There may be low-cost LCD screens in iPhone 2018. Which model will LCD and which will OLED, regarding this, there are no rumors. As rumors say iPhone 2018 will be available with low price so there may be LCD screens in 2018 models.

5.8 inches OLED, 6.5 inches OLED or 6.1inches with less price the iPhones 2018 models may come. The devices may look like iPhone X models.

According to rumors is there any iPhone SE X?

There is a rumor about iPhone SE that Apple may launch this device by merging the iPhone X camera and a 4-inch display. By these merging may iPhone SE 2 come.

2018 iPhone may bigger and cheaper. iPhone X Plus may come with 6.5 inches and 6.1 inch LCD display. There may a single sim version with the price $550-$650 and dual sim version $650-$750 will launch. Apple may omit some iPhone feature to the price cut. It may face ID, OLED display, and 3D touch. These features of the old iPhone may Apple omit to reduce the price.

There is a new rumor about iPhone 2018 that the device may support Apple pencil or iPen.

A major rumor is that new 2018 iPhone may slower than Android. According to a report from Qualcomm, for 2018 Qualcomm does not supply any chipset for 2018 iPhone. But still, we have to wait to test this rumor data after the launch of 2018 iPhone.

Three iPhone may launch this year. Two is OLED and one is LCD. But the budget-friendly iPhone may take late to ship.

The three iPhones may call iPhone X Plus, iPhone X2 and iPhone 11. But there is no iPhone 9. Apple may move to its S series devices. The device may iPhone XS and iPhone XS Plus.

Like Vivo X21 model iPhone 2018 may come with under display fingerprint. But it is now in rumor, after launch, we will confirm about it.

So we have to wait for the official launch of iPhone 2018 to confirm the actual specification of the device.


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