the difference between web browser and search engine

The difference between a web browser and search engine

When someone uses the internet for surfing something or to search something, at that time the person may confuse to find the right way for finding the data he or she is searching for. If the person is a technical then it is not an issue for him. But if the person is nontechnical and does not has the basic idea about internet then it may slight difficult for him. Here we are going to know the difference between a web browser and search engine and after reading this to find something on the internet will be easier.

Before we have already been posted about the difference between webpage and website. If you have any doubt on that then simply visit our IT section to know more about it and also there are more IT related stuff.

So what is the difference between a web browser and a search engine?

Let us first know,

What is a browser?

For doing something a tool always requires. By those tools, the work gets easier and smoother to do. Like that, a device needs software to a particular work on an electronic device. A browser is a software application uses for surfing or viewing anything through the internet. This browser we see on Pcs, laptops, mobile devices and other electronic devices that uses the internet.

This browser is software application by this user can view any data through the internet, watch videos, open images and also for website designing and development browser must needs.

How does a browser work?

To surf or view something through a browser on the internet user needs to put the URL of that particular website or web page. The URL starts with HTTP://, https:// or www. Need to put that URL at the place where the browser providing and then the device need to be connected to the internet. After that user can get the requiring data by a browser.

Examples of browsers

Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Safari etc. All these are the known examples of a browser. The reader now reading this may ever come across these applications.

What is a search engine?

Like the name, it is used for searching something on the internet. But without a browser search engine cannot be used. Within a browser a search engine uses. But a browser can be used without a search engine.

Sometimes if we know the website or webpage URL, then through the internet and by a browser we can visit that particular site. But if the website or a particular webpage user does not know. Then comes here search engine.

About a particular topic we can search by search engines. Like here if the user does not know the difference the difference between a web browser and search engine, then the user may search it on the internet and will get the answer.

We all know about, this is the famous and most usable search engine all over the world. Like Google, there are more search engines like Bing, Yahoo etc.

For searching something through a search engine user can directly type the search term at the specific place of a browser or user may visit the search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing and with these search engines, the search term can search through the internet.

Conclusion about the difference between a web browser and search engine

From the above post, the user now reading this already been cleared about the difference between a web browser and search engine. If a user has any doubt then do comment below we will follow that. Hope to visit again to our website to find more stuff.

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