the difference between a static website and a dynamic website

The difference between a static website and a dynamic website

For a new and fresher comer to the web designing and development platform, it may be slightly difficult to know about the difference between a static and dynamic website and web pages. But there is a silly and easy difference that can be easily learned and known by a newcomer to this web development filed. Before we have discussed the difference between website and web page. If you have any doubt on that visit our IT section and know all about it. Here the reader now reading this now is going to know about the difference between static and dynamic website.

What is the difference between a static website and a dynamic website?

Let us know first that,

What are a static website and web pages?

A static website is made with simple HTML, CSS. This static website method is an old method. The content shows here is permanent, without a developer or with some knowledge about HTML and CSS the site cannot be changed. This type of site made with a simple text editor like notepad++.

The information contains by the static websites shows the same information for every visitors visiting the site. This type of site contains images, videos, and texts wherever necessary.

The cost to make a static site is less. Within less time period this type of site can be made. This type of site mostly has 4 to 5 pages.

The sites of an organization, institutions and other business types of sites are coming in this category.

Static pages can be made different from each other. The content having on one page can be different from other. the design and layout can be different from each other.

The main problem with these type of sites is that if some changes want to make then need to get basic about HTML or you have to hire a technical person for this.

A static site URL ends with .htm and .html.

What are a dynamic website and web pages?

A dynamic site made with server-side languages like PHP. A dynamic site can be used for various purposes. According to a user, the need is different from each other. A CMS site like WordPress is for made to deliver a variety of content to every user visiting the site.

This type of site updates regularly. In the server, the changes can be made and when the user visits the site then the visitor will see the new changes.

A dynamic site has a database itself. The information visiting by visitors URL, from the database the site loads contains.

Blog websites like our website is also a dynamic site. Cost and designing the whole site is more than a static site.

Here contents can be text, images, and video. All these contents stores into the databases and shows according to need.

In a single page, different data can be shown in this type of sites.

A dynamic site URL ends with .php, .asp etc.

Conclusion about static and dynamic website

Choose a dynamic site as it has many benefits than a static site. The maintenance cost isles here. Without any technical knowledge data can be uploaded and downloaded to the databases and the visitors will see the data. The cost is more here but for a new page or new data to be adding to the site will not require cost as it has a database. For more stuff visit our website regularly.

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