Saccadic Masking, temporary blindness.

Temporary Blindness is for Saccadic Masking

Temporary Blindness is for Saccadic Masking, as We go Blind For a Temporary Period of Time Even We Don’t Know

On a day many times we go blind due to Saccadic Masking and we also call this phenomenon as Temporary Blindness. This happens due to our brains block visual process when our eyes in moving position.

To prove these phenomena we have to stand in front of the mirror, then we have to move our eye. We have moved our eye to left, right, up and down. As we are at in front of the mirror we may think that we can see the eye movement in the mirror, but we cannot do that, as our eye in moving position. We feel Temporary Blindness.

Also, we noticed many times that object which is in motion looks blur. So object and thing around us when moves we see that in the blur. Also if an object moves quickly we notice in the blur and we cannot fully notice that object.

The best example of this phenomena is the moving trains. Rotating fan blades is also an example of this. Only we feel dizzy all the time when our eye moves.


Why does Saccadic Masking or we may call Temporary Blindness to happen?


As Saccadic Masking is a motion and it is only for speed, due to this our retina got the blurring image and we cannot see the image. When the retina got the blurring image, our eye has a mechanism that cuts the image due to the blurring effect. We become temporary blind.

There are two types of Saccadic Masking, one is flash suppression and another is image displacement. In flash suppression, we cannot see even a flashlight due to Saccadic Masking and in image displacement, the object cannot be seen during the second if that object moves.

In Saccadic Masking, eye motion lasts about 50 milliseconds and we cannot see anything in this period of time. We may be surprised by knowing that, we face around thousands time of this Saccadic Masking or the Temporary Blindness. We go Temporary Blind around 40 minutes in a day. We all believe and trust our eyes a lot.

If we see anything that means that incident definitely has been happened. But at the time of Saccadic Masking, we feel sad. But the objects and images what we are seeing daily they all are filled with full of many holes.

We have to remember always that, there are gaps between the objects which we are seeing. Our brain helps a lot to see an object. Our brain mix both eye image into a single image then we see the image.

But in Saccadic Masking, our brain controls our eyes little more than the normal time. These things are beneficial to keep our vision capability clear.

But when we are driving a car at very speed this is more dangerous, as danger can appear in the blink of the eye.

So we have to alert at the extreme time as Temporary Blindness is for Saccadic Masking. We may face problems in our daily life without our fault but we may think the fault is ours.


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