some tips on how to get rid of constipation fast at home

Some tips on how to get rid of constipation fast at home

Now, these days many people are suffering from constipation. It may cause by many causes and problems. The foods which we are eating or it may cause for our lifestyle, or it may cause due to disease. Going toilet on an irregular time is also the main cause for constipation. Opinion about this by professionals is that constipation also causes not only for the stomach issue or due to some unhealthy activity in our body but also it may cause for depression. It also may cause many other diseases in our body. So we will know some tips on how to get rid of constipation fast at home.


There are many solutions for getting rid of it.

Some tips on how to get rid of constipation fast at home


1. Water:

Water is a very essential ingredient to relief from constipation. As in this stage, stool gets harder. So by drinking more water, it helps to makes the soft stool. So it helps a lot for a clean toilet.

If we are drinking less water, our body gets dehydrated. For this dehydration reason, it causes for constipated. So drinking enough water helps a lot from getting rid of it. The main thing is that it is a very easy process everybody can do this at home.


2. Fruits:

Apple, mangoes, guava ( Benefits of guava ), grapes, orange, papaya etc. These fruits are a great tool for getting rid of it and also a great home remedy. These foods are the natural medicine for constipation. Also, these foods help a lot for a clean toilet.

So we have to take relevant amounts of fruits to get rid of it.


3. More exercise:

Exercise has a significant role in constipation. Exercise helps to message our bowels. Have to take around 5 minutes to walk faster and then have to slow down it slowly.

It may not affects directly to constipation but helps a lot for reducing symptoms of it. A constipated person needs to go a regular walk and it will give a great result on it.

So it is also a great and easy home remedy for this.


4. Lemon with warm water:

We all may once hear about it and it a great and effective home remedy on constipation.  Have to take some warm water and add some lemon juice. If possible add some honey to it and drink it. Lemon has a great role in our digestive system.

At the place of honey, we can use a little amount of salt, as salt rich in magnesium. Try this one. It is easy and anyone suffering from constipation can do it at home.


5. Taking more fiber foods:

Fiber helps to keep in track our body digestive systems. A constipated person needs to take more amount of fiber-based foods. Oats are rich in fiber. Also, drink prune juice.

Broccoli and spinach are rich in insoluble fiber. So a constipated person needs to take it more.


6. Spinach juice:

It can easily make the juice of spinach at home. Spinach has a great effect on our digestive system. So taking its juice affects our digestive process. So for a constipated person needs to take a cup of spinach juice for relief.


All these above discussed are Some tips on how to get rid of constipation fast at home. So we hope it will be the great impact on your problem.

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