Smart Garbage Device.

Smart Waste Management Device By Xiaomi

Smart Waste Management Device By Xiaomi With Automatically Bag Replace Feature

Smart Trash Bin device or Smart Waste management device from Xiaomi has been launched. From the name itself, the device is a Smart Waste Management Trash device.

We may think that the device is a robotic device for that it is doing the waste management in a smarter way. But actually, it is not a robotic device. Also, the device can not dispose of the waste automatically. The device only can help, to the safer handling of waste.

By the sensor, the device can detect the hand and will automatically open to dispose of the wastes. No need to touch the device to open it. Proximity sensor has been fitted with the device.

We may think that the odor from the bin device will emit and to the surrounding. But the device has been made with fully airtight for that the bad cannot be emitted. Also, flies cannot be attracted by the device.

When the waste becomes full in the device, the device packages the wastes automatically. No need to use our hand to package the waste. After filling the garbage bag we can take out the bag without touching the device as it detects our hand from distance and another bag will automatically replace when we will take the full garbage bag from the device. No need to use hands to replace a new bag.

The device is around 40 c.m. in height and the dimension is 240 x 310 x 402 mm. The weight of the device is around 3.5 k.g. At once the device can handle up to 15.5L of garbage. The color option for the Smart Garbage device is Beige.

The device runs with the power of 12V.

As declared by Xiaomi, the device will available from September 11, 2018.

The Smart Garbage device from Xiaomi will available with the price tag of CNY 199 or $29 ( Rs. 2000 ).

So after the availability of the device, we will actually examine the performance of Smart Garbage device by Xiaomi.


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