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Saliva Healing Makes a Wound Heal Faster

Saliva Healing Makes a Wound To Heal Faster

Do we ever notice that wound in mouth heals faster than other parts of the body?

Saliva healing, saliva helps to heal faster the wounds in the mouth. Cut in legs, finger and other parts of our body take 2/3 days to heal, we ever noticed this thing.

But why does this happen? We do ever think about this. Finally, the answer has been got by the researchers.

Saliva presenting in our mouth contains different molecules. This molecule has the capability to build new cells as fast as possible.

After research scientist found there is a peptide ( it is a biological term, and it helps to make protein ). The name of the peptide that presents in saliva is histatin-1.

To know how this fast healing occurs, the scientist did experiments on several cells. They apply the histain-1 to several types of human blood. Also, they put the cell animals like chicken cell etc. After applying the histain-1 they noticed the thing that was happening in that experiment.

To heal a wound faster the new cells migrate from the wound’s edge, to cover the whole wound. This task performs like the application of band-aid.

The cells move to produce new cells and proteins. New skin to healing faster needs these things to heal faster. Also, blood vessels start to grow and regrow and this helps a much to make new skin.


As from the above discussions we get to know that, saliva heals faster. So a question may arise on our mind that, we should lick our wounds to heal it faster. But there are 650 types of bacteria. So we should not do this.

So doing licking we should clean the wound and cover this with a bandage.

The saliva healing had come from research of biotechnology. The researchers hope they should use histatin-1 to produce new molecules to speed of the healing process.

From this post about Saliva Healing Makes a Wound Heal Faster, we hope it gives some knowledge about how Saliva Healing Makes a Wound Heal Faster.


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