philips led t bulb

Philips led t bulb

Technology is developing day by day. First, there was a 100w bulb and then it was the time for tube lights. After that, those tube light gets thinner and thinner. Now it is time for LED. Here there is a new type of LED from Philips called as Philips t bulb and this Philips t bulb is also a LED-based bulb. Like the name, this light is bulb design and it gets fit in the bulb holders easily. below is the image of this LED t bulb.

t bulb image 1
t bulb image
t bulb image

From the above three images, you can see the light design and the difference of light quantity of a normal bulb and of the t bulb. The t LED t bulb has the wider light and as it is based with LED so the light is wider and power consumption is also very low.

Here is the list of Philips t bulb price

From these below price list, you can buy that product directly from the buying link beside it. Click that link and buy that product.

8w t bulb – price is 2.49$ –  Buy from this link

10w t bulb – price is 4.49$ – Buy from this link

14w t bulb – price is 5.49$ – Buy from this link

18w t bulb – price is 5.00$ – Buy from this link

30w t bulb – price is 9.00$ – Buy from this link

A small review about these t bulbs

Above are the list if price and their direct buying link. You can see there are several variety models to buy. The minimum availability is 8w. It can be good for a medium room. According to your room size choose the right one.

You can say this one is the cool one to use for your home and offices. Less price, less power, and high output. It can only be done by Philips. So choose the right one.


Hope the review and the details about these new bulbs from Philips are now helping you to choose the right one. Just go for it rather than old lights. Any doubt do comment below.


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