parker solar probe.

Parker Probe for solar touch mission from NASA

Parker Probe for solar touch mission from NASA, The journey for the sun has been started

Solar touch that means to touch the solar atmosphere. A new mission has been started for the investigation of our stars. The mission set to launch the spacecraft on Aug 12, 2018.

We humans have been researching to know all about the planets and starts. Already after a long research water has been found on Mars. Now scientists are researching more to know about the universe.

To know more about starts human visiting to start has been started on Aug 12, 2018. The Parker Probe from NASA is designed to explore and collect information about Sun’s atmosphere and all about the corona from its.

The launching event for the spacecraft has been scheduled for early Sunday that is on Aug 12, 2018. The rocket will carry the heavy spacecraft for carrying the Probe to space.

As from source, if all the thing will set good the probe will launch on its time. If it will cancel due to some weather conditions, the launch for the probe will be between Aug 23.

The probe will reach at the orbit around the sun and after 6 weeks from the date of launch, the probe will face the gravity of Venus. It may slow down the speed of the probe.

The Parker Probe mission is all about to discover more about the Sun. No human cannot make possible the mission so NASA is sending a fully automatically Probe for the mission. The Probe is designed to bear the heat and radiations from the Sun.

The Probe will take 7 years to reach to reach the Sun’s orbit. The Probe will travel 3.6 million miles to reach Sun’s orbit and it will reach in the year 2024.

To face the sun’s temperature around 25,000 F, there is a 4.5-inch carbon layer on the probe and the other instruments inside the probe will remain safe.

The researchers are also creating a human record in all about speed. The probe will travel around 430,000 miles per hour for Sun. It is the fastest object till date man has been made.

Why the mission?

We may think about why there is such a big mission for? It is all about collecting the data about the starts. It will help to study for the physics of Stars. It will also help to know about corona. It will help to study solar wind and space weather.

In a survey, it was found that the solar event can damage the earth. So by the mission, it could be tracked. The probe also will give data to answers more about Sun.

There is a cup with an instrument and that cup will touch the Sun. Some sensors are also dipped into it. The cup will turn red when it will reach nearest to Sun. It will also pass in between the solar particles, the solar particles have the highest energy. For all, it will say that the mission will help to study more about Earth.

For receiving the first data from the Probe has been scheduled for the year 2025.

The man behind the mission is Eugene Parker.


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