new rollable signature oled tv from lg

New rollable signature oled tv from lg

Technology is developing day by day. In every place technology is developing like mobile, television, automobiles etc. Before there was keypad based mobile then it turns into a touch screen and that time touch screen and now touch screen is a difference. Like mobile television is also developing. Before it was so heavy CRT based black and white TV and after it was in development and then it turns into color. The heavy TV turns into a slim TV. LED, LCD, OLED, 3D, 4K etc. Now that tv technology is turning into rollable and foldable. A new rollable OLED TV from LG is here.

Before we have discussed the foldable and bendable mobile form Samsung and ROYOLE company. This time here a new technology on TV that is newly rollable and foldable OLED TV from LG.

The details about new rollable OLED TV from LG

The first prototype of foldable TV was seen in CES 2018. The details of the prototype TV was shown by the engineers from LG. This was a flexible display. Like paper, we can roll it or it can be roll automatically.

We may think that the new rollable OLED TV from LG when will be available. As from the details and announcement the TV is going to sell in the half of 2019. So need to wait a little bit for it.

As from the below image there is a base of this design and the base it looks like furniture. Nobody even guesses it that it is a TV.

lg signature oled tv r9 4k hdr smart tv
LG signature OLED TV R9 4K HDR smart TV

From the image, we can notice it looks great and new technology from LG. The TV is going to take place in the coming future. People always need a change and that is formed LG already has been here in the TV technology or we can say entertainment area.

When TV will on by remote it will slowly come from its base. It takes a few seconds to build the full view of the TV.

The size of the TV is 65 inches. It is based on 4K HDR smart TV. It is AI-based and supports Google assistant and Alexa. Dolby atoms are there and the processor of new rollable OLED TV from LG is LG a9 gen 2.

The name has been giving to this device by LG is LG SIGNATURE OLED TV R9 4K HDR SMART TV.

Conclusion about new rollable OLED TV from LG

As the technology is new and it is first launching from LG. The new foldable display technology is integrating here. For more stuff visit our website regularly.

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