MacBook Pro 2018

New MacBook Pro 2018

New MacBook Pro 2018.

Apple’s new MacBook Pro with a little update has been launched. The new device gets new updates like RAM, with the increase of storage and also with the new better processor. Also with the new MacBook, Pro Apple has been updated with the new True Tone display. A subprocessor included for encryption and security propose with the device. Siri also got a new major update with hands-free supports.

The new MacBook Pro is available with the two new model that is 13 inches and 15 inches.

Apple has focussed on major hardware update with the new device. The main updates are new Mojave and the new two models 13 inches and 15 inches. With these two Macbook Pro new hardware update is there, that is Touch Bars.

The New Updates of MacBook Pro 2018:-

There are no major changes outside we will notice with the new MacBook Pro. The main changes are on the inside. It is updated with the six core i7 and i9 Intel processors with the 15 inches model. And before it was quad-core processors. 13 inches model moved from dual-core to eighth-gen i5 and i7 Intel processors.

With the old MacBook Pro there was 16 GB of RAM and with the new MacBook Pro, it has 32 GB of RAM. With this high-value RAM, it will help them who works heavy with the Macbook. The new RAM is DDR4 and before it was DDR3.

As the DDR4 RAM consumes more power to cover this part there is also battery has improved. The battery has updated with an additional 7.7 watt-hours.

The storage capacity also has been doubled. With the new 13 inches model, it has doubled 1 TB to 2 TB and with the 15 inches model, it has been doubled to 4 TB from 2 TB.

The new True Tone display which was seen by recent iPhone and iPad, that is included with the new Macbook. The True Tone display adjust automatically the color temperature. It is also capable of matching the color with the environment.

The new MacBook Pro is upgraded with the new quite keyboard. The old keyboard was mechanical scissor and the latest is the butterfly. The old one was quite good but it was so noisy so Apple upgraded to the new version of the butterfly keyboard.

The new MacBook Pro has included with the new leather laptop sleeves.

The price tag of the new MacBook Pro 2018:-

The base variant 13 inches has the US $1,799 and the higher variant 15 inches has the US $2,399.


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