new hololens technology from microsoft

New HoloLens technology from Microsoft

There is many technologies are developing day by day. Scientists and researchers are working on several technologies. We may ever hear about HoloLens technology. Yes, now it is on reality. A new HoloLens technology from Microsoft is here. The new HoloLens from Microsoft is a headset. The user needs to wear it and enjoy the new technology.

Before this technology is available from Microsoft and now a new version or we can say the second generation of HoloLens technology. Already the new generation headset has been spotted through NASA video.

The new HoloLens has all new features with a single band we can adjust the view.


What is the new HoloLens technology from Microsoft?

With HoloLens technology, we can enjoy our mix reality world. It is the combination of physics and digital world. We can say in the air or any place user can create a digital world by the HoloLens technology.

That means it creates a mix realty display in front of the user. At any place, a user can enjoy any view according to need.

As the name shows the user has to wear it like glass wearing and with the mouse or the keys provided with the device that the device can be controlled.

When the user uses this technology, it never let feel the user that is not the real. A user always feels it is a part of the real world. The real world converts into a digital world.


To control this device it contains sensors when the user turns its head the hologram also moves automatically. According to the user’s moving direction the device cursor moves.

With a gesture, the device can be operated. With a single finger, device apps can be open. Hologram size can be adjusted with a gesture.

Also, it supports voice commands. With a voice to select work, open, send commands to apps. It also supports Microsoft Cortana and as we know Cortana is the voice assistant from Microsoft, so with Cortana Hololens voice command works.


How new HoloLens technology from Microsoft makes work easier?

A problem can be solved faster with this mix of reality technology. With the video calling through HoloLens at any place we can take an assistant and it is much easier to solve the problem.

hololens technology

No need to go to our Pc and Mobiles to take a video call.

Also, it creates a digital world at any place, so we can make 3D designs at the spot. The user can design in the physical world or through virtual reality.


The price of the HoloLens, to know visit here.


This is all about the new HoloLens technology from Microsoft. It is a part of modern technology. In the future,e it will sure to take every place.


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