The Coldest Place In The Universe

NASA Is About To Create The Coldest Place In The Universe

NASA Is About To Create The Coldest Place In The Universe By Lasers

NASA is now sending some apparatus to the international space station to create a space and it will help to make colder 10 billion times than the vacuum of space. This is called the Cold Atom Laboratory. It will help the scientists to experiment and observe the weird quantum properties of extremely cold atoms.

The coldest temperature in the universe is called the absolute zero. It is very difficult to achieve and also it is may impossible to achieve as at that point atoms stop working.

To chill and slow down the atoms above the absolute zero temperature, scientists are using the combinations of lasers and magnets. The temperature using for doing successful this is known as zero Kelvin. That is -273.15C or -459.67 F.

CAL the cloud atom laboratory can cold the atoms to one-tenth of a degree. It is the just above of the absolute zero temperature. As the atoms get cold down, they and this causes them to move extremely slow.

These cloud of atoms is called Bose-Einstein condensates. It can be created on earth but due to earth gravitational force, it drags downward quickly. so it can only be observed only for fractions of a second.

By the microgravity environment, this operation allowing scientists to perform remotely for about 10 seconds. By this Bose-Einstein condensates can be performed for a long time as before it can only be produced for fractions of seconds.

This experiment has several benefits. Bose-Einstein condensates are also known as superfluids. Superfluids is a type of fluid with zero viscosity.

To slow down and dissipate the kinetic energy there is no viscosity. If physics of superfluids can be better understand also we can easily learn the effect of the transfer of energy.

Also, it will help to study and for understanding in easily advance superconductivity, superconducting quantum interface devices, quantum computers, and laser-cooled atomic clocks. And it can also help for observation of the quantum phenomenon.

The help of this is to understand the dark energy and the unknown force for the expansion of the universe.

By studying these cold atoms may help to boost our knowledge for the understanding of mater and some fundamental of nature’s gravity.

The experiment of cold atom LAB may help to boost our knowledge to better understand for gravity and dark energy.

The rocket which was sent by NASA to the international space station was also carrying a handheld sextant to test for emergency star navigation.

This launch was scheduled for May 21, Monday at 08:39 UTC.


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