most dangerous password 123456

Most dangerous password 123456

Day by day users of the internet is increasing. As users increasing there is a large quantity of database is required to save the user data. Every user who is using the internet has a login id and their personal details like name, email, gender, DOB etc.

The password which we are using for our login and sign in proposes is that secure?  When else we have to choose a password, at that time we always like to choose the easiest password and which we can remember easily. At that time we forget our data security. We have to think more and more whenever to choose a password.

All about the most dangerous password 123456

From a recent hacking attack, there is a lot of users data has been leaked and their account has been hacked. Millions of user data have been hacked by hackers in the year 2017.

A company claims that they unauthorisedly acquire customers data from a website. At that time, it was so easy to hack users data as they were not using a strong password.

The big data breach has been spotted and that was Adidas hacking attack. This attack is reminding us that we are living in a dangerous place. Millions of internet user are increasing daily and the growth will be the high incoming feature.

As users increasing and all are using antivirus and spam detection tool. With the using of these instruments, it is not easy to secure user passwords if they are not using a strong password.

At the time of choosing passwords, many people forget to choose a strong password and they like to go for an easy one and that they can easily remember. This is an opportunity for hackers to hack as the easy password and also a most common mistake we all are doing that using the same password with multiple accounts.

The makers of SplashID manager release a bunch of password sets that users are using commonly and also can be hacked easily. The name has been given to that bunch of passwords is the worst password of 2018.

SplachID company releases the list of passwords that have been leaked with the public domains and these passwords are available with the hackers.

Around 100 passwords are released by the company. If we are using these passwords it’s the time to go and change it immediately.

As SplashID company said if these passwords still we are using the data of these password users is at high risk.

The worst password list

The commonly use numbers one like –
  • 1234, 12345, 12345678, 123456789, 123123, 654321, 12341234, 121212, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1989.
Letters with Numbers:-
  • abc123, tustno1, jordon23, password1, 1qaz2wsx, zaq1zaq, admin 123, 1q2w3e.
The worst letter series passwords:-
  • password, qwerty, ball, iloveyou, admin, welcome, login, pasw0rd, hello, computer, blahblah, sunshine, banana, cookie, killer.

These passwords are the common user passwords. If we are using any of these passwords and like these password, it is the time to change it right now.

These bunch of passwords was released by SplashID company.


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