Hair Fall

Most common causes of hair loss

Now, these days hair fall is a common problem. In between age 18 to 25 all men are facing hair fall problem. There is much cause of hair fall, some we can not able to stop as it is a natural process. Some other causes we are going to discuss here.

some most common causes of hair fall:


Dihydrotestosterone is a hormone. It helps to develop male characteristics. It is the main cause of hair fall in both male and female. Dihydrotestosterone is created when testosterone converted into a new form of DHT. DHT shrinks the hair follicles and later it causes hair fall. DHT is the primary contribution in male pattern baldness.


Stress can cause hair loss due to emotional or anxiety. At the first stage, our hair is at growth stage and then rest stage and then shedding stage. When too much stress we take it directly go to the last shedding stage. It is happened earlier than usual. Lacks of sleeping is the main cause of stress. At maximum stress our body makes the extra hormone, it causes hair fall.

Vitamin deficiency:-

Our hair is made of keratin. It contains full of proteins. So vitamin is the main part to have strong hair. To ensure the right vitamins which are the need for hair growth. To get the right vitamins and nutrients we take a proper diet which is necessary for hair growth. Deficiency of zinc, iron, vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin D, and healthy fats causes hair loss. Always we should have to maintain a healthy diet for good hair.

Male pattern baldness:-

Male pattern baldness is a natural process which causes hair loss. It is also a leading cause of hair loss. Due to male pattern baldness hair turns into thinning and the last stage, it falls out. The hormone DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) destroys hair follicles and this cause hair thinning and cause hair loss. If a number of DHT increases, it can destroy all the hair.

Too much uses hair products:-

We use hair products to styling our hair. But most hair products contain chemicals. It is harmful to our hair. So excess uses of hair products will cause hair loss.


It is the main cause of hair loss. Nearly most women suffer from dandruff. It causes itching the scalp and flakes out. The excess amount of dandruff known as seborrheic dermatitis, it can affect scalp and other areas of our body. Dry skin is also a reason for dandruff.

Above are the main causes of Hair Loss. The main and Most common causes of hair loss we are discussed here.


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