list of some things should be avoid after a meal

List of some things should be avoided after a meal

There are many habits that we are doing it wrong. We all know that to take rest we sleep or simply laying down at the bed. The person who loves to smoke or taking tea is likely by. But sometimes we do it in the wrong way. There is a particular time at that time we should avoid eating fruits as we know eating fruits is very beneficial for our health. But in some time we should avoid it. We will know a list of some things should be avoided after a meal.


After taking a meal there I several facts and things we should avoid. That thing and habits are harmful to our health. So we should keep aware of all that.


Here is the list of some things should be avoided after a meal

Eating fruits

We may all like to eat fruit and fruit contains several vitamins and mineral that our body needs. But after eating a meal if we eat fruits that affect our digestive system. Food does not digest properly and many health problems like gas, belly ache etc. we face.

Also, before taking a meal we should not eat fruits. That also harms our health. So keep in mind before and after taking meal we should avoid eating fruits.


Immediate sleep after a meal

Many of us like to sleep after a meal. It may be lunch or dinner. But after taking meal we should avoid immediate sleeping.

At the time of sleeping after a meal, our body digests foods. But if we take a sleep or taking a nap it affects our digestive system. It may cause weight gain and some kidney problems.

Also, it may dangerous for diabetic patients. So we should always avoid immediate sleep after a meal. After half an hour we can sleep.



Some people like to smoke after a meal. We often noticed. But it can cause cancer.

After a meal, if we smoke bad blood cell flows around or body. So it may raise cancer. Also, it affects our digestive system.

So we should avoid smoking after a meal.


Taking tea

Many people love to drink tea. But sometimes we take it at the wrong time and that is after a meal.

If we are taking tea after a meal it may cause for acidity and gas problem. So we should not take it.


Taking a bath

After a meal, it is not a good habit for taking bath. To do every work there is a time. So before a meal, it is good to take a bath. So never take bath after a meal.

After a meal, if we take bath the blood around stomach flows other parts of our body. So there is a digestive issue at that.

So the best time to take bath is in the morning before having breakfast.


Here we discussed a list of some things should be avoided after a meal. We hope these things you should apply in your daily life and share these to others for helping them.

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