LG V35 ThinQ

LG V35 ThinQ Price And Specifications

LG V35 ThinQ price and specifications

The new LG V35 ThinQ smartphone has been launched. The flagship device has arrived. The name itself shows the details about the device.

The device is available from June. The LG V35 ThinQ is available in the US with AT  & T. In other countries, there is no confirmation when it will be available. LG will update it later fro other country availability.

The device is now available with AT & T, with the US price $800/$900.

The main highlight of the device is the new AI-based dual rear camera. The LG V35 ThinQ camera AI analyze objects and give a perfect photo. There is a variety of options to choose filters and take a perfect shot.

There are options to switch between the normal and wide angle with the 16MP camera. With the device, the picture can be taken from every angle.

Lowlight cannot affect the image. The bright camera technology activated automatically when it detects low light photography.

Google Lens works faster with the new LG V35 ThinQ. It can search the information quickly and give the best result.


Some specifications of the new LG V35 ThinQ:-


The new LG V35 ThinQ comes with 6 inches display with resolutions of 2880 x 1440 pixels.


It has the latest Android 8 Oreo.


LG V35 ThinQ comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor. It is an Octa-core 4 x 2.7 GHz chipset.


It has the 3300 mAh battery. Which is non-removable.


LG V35 ThinQ comes with 6 GB RAM with 128 GB storage and 6 GB RAM with 64 GB storage. Also, memory can be expandable up to 2 TB storage.


The new LG V35 ThinQ comes with dual camera setup at the rear. The main camera is 16 MP and the secondary camera is also 16 MP with LED flash. An aperture of the main camera is the f/1.6  and secondary camera is f/1.9. The front camera is 8 MP. Front camera aperture is f/1.9.

Sim type:-

The new LG V35 ThinQ supports nano sim.


LG V35 ThinQ has the price tag $800/$900 ( Around 55000 in Indian rupee).  It is available on AT & T now in the US.

Other features:-
  • AI-based dual rear cameras.
  • USB Type-C.
  • Quick charge 3.0 supported.
  • Wireless charging.
  • Hearing aids M3, T3.
  • NFC supports.
  • Fingerprint available.
  • 4K video recording available.

From the specifications, it looks great. But for availability for India, there is no confirmation from the company.

Lets to wait for welcome the device LG V35 ThinQ in India.


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