water on Mars

Lake With Water Found On Mars

Water On Mars By A Lake Found. Hoping of Life There May Be Too.

Water on Mars, to find life on Mars scientists is researching from a long year ago.

Finally, a long research proof of water found on Mars.

A group of scientists found the proof of water. it is an underground lake with water. According to report the lake was found at the southern polar plain of Mars. Also, they said possible of life on Mars.

The lake which has been found is around 20 km in diameter. A shape of this lake is rounded and the distance is around 1.5 km. The lake has been said that it is the first stable water found on Mars.

After Earth, there is always a question, the presence of life on another planet. The new lake discovery on Mars is an evidence of life. As water said to be the first proof of life.

According to researchers, it will take many years to prove that there is actually life on Mars. Also, future missions may drill that surface to find the actual life on that surface.

The announcement today that is on 25th July, is based on radar measurement. so it may say too difficult and also in future, we should be sent more instruments to the Mars surface to drill it and we may confirm more about this matter.

But the finding of the lake at the south pole of Mars is indicating that there may be more aquifers on that surface and that we have not got yet.

This small lake is arising a hope that, there may be more water on that surface. Also, NASA was already said in the year 2015 that, water is present on Mars.

This water discovery on Mars is possible due to the European spacecraft. The spacecraft was sent to Mars orbit in the year 2003. When the craft was scanning the ice cap at the south pole, it got along the structure. And analysis it was come to know about this lake.

All this be possible for the researcher at Italy’s National Institute for Astrophysics.  The leader of this team is Roberto Orosei.

The team is getting the data from the year 2012 to 2015. Then they started to analyze these data.

Already NASA has been found 3 bn-year-old organic molecules.

It seems to be like to find more water reservoirs on Mars.

The researchers also added a question that there may life was formed on Mars and maybe survived for a long ago.

Now it needs more powerful instruments to observe the surface to find hidden secrets on the Mars surface.


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