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How to use guava leaves for skin hair and health

We all are fond of guava fruit. Guava has a lot of benefits for our health. But we may do not know how guava leaves have great benefits for skin, hair, and health. It helps the prevention of many diseases and has an impact role for our skin. Guava is rich in vitamin C and it has antioxidants, this antioxidant has a great impact on our skin. It has potassium and fibers.


Here are the details for how to use guava leaves for skin hair and health

  1. Knee pain:

If someone is facing ache in the knee joint or may have knee joint pain issue, in that case, guava leaf has a great role for relief. For treating this with guava leaf we need to collect some fresh guava leaf and make a paste of that. Then need to apply that paste at the knee joint and it may help for a great relief.


  1. Diarrhea:

It has a great impact on belly ache and in diarrhea case. Need to take some leaves and boil it with the required amount of water. Then let the water and leaf mixture to be cold. After it is getting cold the diarrhea patient needs to drink it. It will give a great impact on that, the patient will slow recovery and less will be the watery stool.


  1. For acne:

As we discussed above guava leaf rich in vitamin C. So if someone is facing acne issue guava leaf is a  good medicine for them. All need to make a paste and apply that on the acne or at any trouble spot on face. It will give a great result.


  1. Helps to improve skin texture:

Guava has a high and great amount of astringent property, so the application of the paste of the guava leaf has the great result for improving skin texture. All we need to make the paste of fresh leaves and apply it to our skin.


  1. For hair:

As these days hair, fall is a common problem in every younger. So guava leaf has a natural solution for this. Need to boil fresh guava leaves with some water as requires. Then keep the solution to be cold. After getting fully cold then apply that solution and as it has antioxidants so it will be a wonder for getting rid of hair fall and getting volume back.


  1. For a toothache:

Guava leaf has natural power for maintaining a good oral health. Make a paste of the guava leaves and apply it at the aching place, gum, and teeth. It has antibacterial agents that fight these problems.


These are all about how to use guava leaves for skin hair and health. Also, guava leaf tea has a great impact on our health and that we are going to cover in our next post.


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