How to check remaining gas in a cylinder

How to check remaining gas in a cylinder

Now, these days uses of a gas cylinder consumers is increasing day by day. It is a very essential part of our kitchen. Almost in all our cooking work, we all use gas cylinder.

But any time we face a problem to check how much quantity of gas is remaining at our gas cylinder. so for this to confirm we use several methods to check to gas quantity in a cylinder.

Now we are going to tell you an easy method to know how much gas is remaining in your gas cylinder.

With a wet cotton material, it is easy to measure the remaining quantity of gas.

step by step procedure to measure reaming gas wet cotton material

  1. We have to wet a cotton material with water.
  2. Then we have to clean the upper part of the cylinder by the wet cotton.
  3. It should be properly getting clean all over the cylinder, and the wet cotton material should reach all over the cylinder.
  4. Then keep the cylinder to be dry for some time.
  5. After 5 minutes we will notice some part of the cylinder get dried and some part is still wet.
  6. The area on the cylinder which is wet, gas is remaining at that point in the cylinder.
  7. The area on the cylinder which has been dry, gas to that point is not available.
  8. Also after some time, we will notice the wet area over the cylinder will get dry.


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