How microscopic pollutants affects indoor pollution

How microscopic pollutants affect indoor pollution

As compare to outdoor there is also indoor air pollution. There are several things that affect indoor air pollution in our home. But that we can’t see. We will really shock that there are several microscopic pollutants affect indoor pollution at our homes, by our daily home activity. By reducing or knowing the cause of that we can help mitigate air pollution. So we have to know those air pollutants and how much we can reduce that by ourselves we have to do and help reducing air pollutions.

There are many microscopic air pollutants in our but we can’t see that. We can say we can’t see that but it is hurting us by known or by unknown.


How microscopic pollutants at our homes affects indoor pollution?

A recent study has been come out about this microscopic pollutants. University of Utah’s School engineers had conducted a recent study to measure and visualize the air quality in their houses.

The main motive was about this study is that, if we could visualize the home pollutions and the pollutants we will surely change our behavior and living ways.

Professor of Utah’s School Jason Weise said that, the main motive about this study to understand people the air quality in our home. As air can’t visible so this new idea came to determine and examine the home air quality.

We may shock that knowing that at the daytime air quality at home can be worse as compared to the air quality outside.

Home activities like vacuuming, cooking, dusting clothes, dryer are the reason for home air pollutions. Also, the paint we are using inside our home is the chemical compound is also one reason for air pollution.

This may cause severe health problems for asthma patients.


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How these microscopic pollutants at home was tasted?

To taste this experiment the students of the University of Utah’s took the help of portable air quality monitor. Then they connect that monitor to their university server. They take six homes and in every home, they place 3 sensors.

Then it placed the sensors at the high traffic pollutants areas like kitchen, bedroom etc. They measured the air PM 2.5. They record these data for 30 days long and about 24 hours.

The homeowners find more pollutions at the time of cooking. Other tasted by vacuuming and dusting at home.

There were many things we can’t see or can’t detect without sensors.

There professor Weise was said that there is not any device that shows or visualize the air quality at our home by known manufacturers.

We have to always be altered about how microscopic pollutants at our homes affects indoor pollution and make necessary steps.


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