who invented zero.

Here’s What About Who Invented Zero?

Who Invented Zero? The Concept of Zero and Some History

Everybody start their life from a kid. Every kid faces their first problem in math class and they may be solved that problem like if you have 4 bananas and you ate it, how many you have now? Also, it was may be taken as an example of some candy. From this post we will know Here’s What About Who Invented Zero?

As a small kid, at that time we may not be understood the concept of zero. But everybody can understand the concept of nothing or not having nothing.

The concept of zero is fully developed in India. It was found around the fifth century A.D., before a couple of centuries.

Before zero invention, mathematicians were facing a much problem to solve a simple problem. But now zero is counting as a number and also it shows the absence of nothing.

Zero helps us a lot in calculus, simplify the complicated equations and also it help to invent computers.

The inventions of zero is a great innovation in human history. The zero was invented by Indian scientist ” The Aryabhata .”

Zero cornerstones of modern math, science, physics, and technology.

It seems like impossible that the ancient human does not have the understand the concept of zero. But animals can understand nothingness better than humans. To prove this, if we put empty the dish of dog and the dog can understand the emptiness.

There is a lot of difference between in nothing and emptiness. Zero was taken as the mathematical concept. Earlier zero seen in the counting system. First, it was used as a blank place to indicate nothing, but sometimes it was so confusing.

In Mayans and Babylonians counting system the empty placeholder was found an empty value. But most people agreed that zero is a mathematical value and it has come from India.

We use round symbol for indication of zero and the symbol was initially got from Bakhshali manuscript. Bakhshali manuscript was the merchant’s document and in this document, there were many mathematical transactions.

First, it was used a black dot to indicate the empty place for placeholder zero. After some century later the symbol was used by Brahmagupta. Brahmagupta wrote the working principle of zero and also he shows how adding a number or subtracting a number from zero remains unchanged. He also showed number multiply by zero is zero.

Brahmagupta showed the mathematical expressions of zero. Also, he showed the relation to the number of zero.

Zero became in use by Indian. After that other cultures began to use it. China and Arabian were the first use of zero. It took place in the Arabic numerical system. Both algebra and algorithms had taken place. Zero was spread by Islam to Africa.

After zero entered Europe and from Europe it entered into Italy.  Cipher was a symbol for zero and it was used by Muslim mathematicians. In Italy, this Cipher symbol became to zero after all.

There also many other histories about zero. Here we have written a little part of that history. Hoping that the explanation is understandable.

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