here is the list of upcoming 5g phones

Here is the list of upcoming 5 g phones

As there is technology is developing day by day so, no we are using 4G technology. After 4G technology, the next is 5G technology. We all find the 4g technology with our mobile devices and by the use of carrier networks we are able to use 4G. So as compared to carrier networks also, there is a great role for mobile devices. So we are eagerly waiting for upcoming 5G smartphones to take over 4G smartphones. So we are going to discuss this. Here is the list of upcoming 5g phones that coming from many sources.


As devices coming first and then the carrier network. As we ever noticed that the Nokia N series mobiles had video calling support but that time there is not the 3G carrier. After a long time, we saw 3G networks.

So according to leaks and some sources, we are going to discuss coming 5G phone.


So here is the list of upcoming 5g phones.



As the top brand smartphone series, Apple comes first. We may except that Apple will launch the first 5G phones. But it may not. It may take longer till 2020. As we noticed that Apple never adopt new technology quickly and it take time.

So for Apple iPhone lovers have to wait for using 5G phones.



Samsung is the most widely selling smartphone in the world. We all except it will bring 5G technology first. As some rumors about Samsung tells that the new upcoming Galaxy S10 plus will have the 5G technology. The device is going to reveal in the next year. So we have to wait for that.



As the top brand is Google phones come under. The Google pixel 3 XL is the flagship device to date from Google. But about the 5G technology, there is no confirmation about it from Google.

But from sources, the Google Pixel 4 may have the 5G feature, but still, have to wait for the update from Google.



As we have posted before about a device that is supporting 5G through a Mod. As moto devices support Mod and this device is able to supports 5G through Mod.

To know more about that device visit here.



As we all know that Nokia is the old sector in mobile devices. Also, Nokia is taking new steps for 5G phones.

Also, Nokia has been announced that with the partnership with the T-Mobile, with Qualcomm and with Ericsson for 5G devices in the year 2019.


Also, other smartphone brands like OnePlus, ZTE, Huawei, LG all are working for the 5G technology devices. They all are trying best for 5G phones in the coming year 2019.


So, already Qualcomm has been announced about a new chip for 5G devices, visit here to know more about that chip.


So here is the list of upcoming 5g phones we have discussed. We have to still wait for the device itself announced by companies.

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