future of smart card technology.

Future of smart card technology

Future of smart card technology and smart card future trends. Here is all about this

Smart card Technology, as the name, suggests it is the smarter and new technology integrated cards. As we are now using pocket size cards like that Smart card is like same. In the Smart Card Technology, an integrated chip is installed with the card. By the use of material plastic this smart card is made of. We can say these Smart Cards are For Future Trends. These cards are going to widespread use in the coming future.

In the year 1974 by scientist Roland Moreno memory card patent was invented. In today’s Smart Card technology this memory chip and microprocessor concept are used.


Benefits of Smart Cards over normal cards:


There are no doubt uses of the smart card gives more security than a normal card. We are aware of using magnetic stripe cards and the barcode reader then these smart cards gives the more reliable performance, tamper-proof storage of user data.

With the normal cards exchange of data, there is a risk of hacking or user passwords can be easily stolen. Smart cards provide security if the user has set the careless passwords and data exchange through networks.

As with the normal cards password and data management cost are very high but in the smart card case, it is a cost-effective solution.

The smart card helps the user to forget about the wallet. It also helps no need of carrying more cards. As the user has credit cards, debit cards or any other types of card, but this smart card technology can turn into all these cards into one card. Not only chip-based cards but also cards having magnetic stripe can be store into one card.

As technology is developing day by day so smart card technology is also developing day by day. New smart cards can now operate through mobile App. Storing of new cards like magnetic stripe based cards or any other types of cards can be stored into one card via mobile App.

Now new technology-based cards can be operated via mobile Bluetooth and the card itself a device. The card has a battery and can be last up to 30 days. The user can recharge that smart card. This types of cards also have buttons and display on it for operating it as a device. The user can set a password choice with this type of cards by the display and buttons. One main feature of this card is it can alert the user with the location if the user forgets that card at any place. This alert will be shown via the mobile App.


Different types of Smart Cards:


Contact Smart card: This type of smart cards designed with contact pads and the communication goes between reader and card. Communication occurs when this card inserted into electrical connectivity reader. This type of cards does not need any power supply, power inserted into these type of cards through the reader.

Contactless Smart Cards: This type of cards uses for communication without contact with the reader like contact cards. This type of cards uses RF Induction for communication. The power source for this type of cards also insert through RF device and it does not have any internal power source.

Hybrid Smart Cards: These type of cards are the combination of two cards (contact smart cards and contactless smart cards ).

USB: USB interface is used for the smart card to be connected to a computer. This device called CCID ( chip card interface device ) device. Ex. of these types of device is USB dongle and having  SIM card inside a USB dongle.

Optical memory cards: This type of cards used to store a small amount of data. After data is stored, that data cannot be deleted or replaced.


Different applications of Smart Card Technology:


Telecommunications: SIM (  subscriber identity modules ) is one of the applications of smart card technology.

Health Care: For providing higher security and keep patients information secure smart card technology is used. As portable memory cards are used for storing patients data so it helps in reducing fraud in health care. In an emergency, all data of patients can be easily retrieved. It also helps the government in improving healthcare by using the data.

Banks: As we all use debit cards and credit cards, it is a part of smart card technology. As these type of cards stores user information, by the use of PIN user data get secure. It helps to improve the security of user data.

Electronics Transactions: As now electronics wallets and transactions are increasing day by day. In this case, smart card technology gives secure communications. The user can use 24 hours on the internet for these cards. For these cases, contactless smart cards are used.

Schools and Education Institutes: Smart card technology is in these areas for storing students data secure and can be access those data from any time anywhere. it helps for keep tracking and focusing all problems and other factors.

Computer Security: Some browsers use this technology for storing certificates for use secure browsing.

Digital Data Storing: As digitalization is growing faster, for this case securing user data and proving greater security this technology is used. For identifications, it is now vastly using. In digital media and broadcast systems smart card technology is using now for electronics key proposes.

Transports: For transit passes and digital ticketing this technology is helping a lot to users.




According to more benefits, there are disadvantages to these cards. As it is made of plastic, the chip is embedded in plastic. Plastic is not more reliable and fairly flexible. As much as the chip is larger the chance is more of damaging cards. As the user carry cards with pockets many chances for breaking cards or damaging it. Disposal of plastic is also harmful to our environment. Sometimes these smart cards are targeting for security attacks and user data can be stolen.


Smart card technology is developing day by day, also, it needs to be built more secure. In the coming future, these cards are going to use widely, we can say Smart Card Technology Is For Future trends.


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