drinking water while standing

Disadvantages of drinking water while standing

Than food water is a more requires to the human body. 70% of the human body made with water. Water keeps hydrated, helps to digest food and helps in blood circulation. A human body needs around 4/6 liters of water to drink daily. To do every work there is a way. We often notice that when someone is drinking water while standing, at that time others shouts not to do that. Always others refer to drink water in sitting.

So, it is obvious that the question comes across with our mind that disadvantages of drinking water while standing. About that, we are going to discuss.

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What are the disadvantages of drinking water while standing?

There are a lot of discussed in this in Ayurveda. You can notice when you are in a hurry then you drink water in a standing position. At that time our body is in a tension mode or maybe nerves.

Normally if a thing goes slow then it is not harmful to anyone. If it goes faster it can harms other. When water flows slowly then it cannot harm more but when it flows faster it can harm more.

When someone drinks water in standing position at that time water rush the human body in a faster way. But at the time of sitting, it enters into our body as a normal and safer speed.

As in drinking water in standing position water enters in a faster way, at that time there may less of oxygen in our food pipe and person may face heart or lung issues.

Kidney and stomach impact on drinking water while standing.

As in previous you read that at the time drinking water while standing water flows with a great volume and collected with a huge amount in the lower stomach. It can damage our stomach. If you are facing any stomach related issues then never drink water while standing.

As at the lower stomach area a large amount of water collects with a speed, it affects our digestive systems. This huge amount of water collects without much filtration.

Without much filtration, the water enters into our kidney and it can harm our kidney. The impurities with gathers in the bladder and can be mix with blood.

If these impurities mix with blood then it can gather at our heart. There are much more bad effects on our other body parts.

Conclusion about,

disadvantages of drinking water while standing

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