difference between website and webpage

Difference between website and webpage

We often visit many websites and many contents of that website. Sometimes we notice we need to visit a website and then need to visit a particular part or a particular content of that website. Sometimes we go the page of a website and need to visit or need to go that website which is containing that content. We may get confuse the difference between website and webpage. There is some difference between these. Here we are going to know the difference between website and webpage.

Difference between website and webpage here is all about to know.

What is a website?


What is a website


A website is a collection of any webpage. The website has not the only webpage but also it has photos, multimedia. The website can be identified with a domain name. Here our website is PabanZone and the domain name is here PabanZone.com. Google.com, Amazon.com these are also a domain name.

A website is accessed through the internet or via LAN. It has various work capable and also it has various functions.

It can be a personal website, a company’s website, organizational website or government website. From this category, every website has different functions.

A website is a collection of the different webpage. Within a single website, we can get many pages with different contents within them.

A website needs navigation like a menu to access the pages and the contents of a website have.

Basically, a website is of two types.

Static website and dynamic website.

A static website is made with HTML and CSS. Here images are commonly used for content and sometimes audios and videos are also used.

A static website can be edit through a text editor like notepad and notepad++ etc.

A dynamic website made with HTML, CSS and some server-side work in PHP or Java or with any other server-side programming languages. A dynamic website has a database and that database placed within a server.

What is a webpage?


What is a webpage


A webpage is a document. A webpage is designed and suitable for world wide web and web browsers.

Browsers show the webpage in mobile or in Pc through web browsers like Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox etc.

A webpage is a file and that is designed with browsers understandable languages like HTML, CSS etc.

A webpage basically contains that website. In a single website, we can see any webpage.

Here website is PabanZone.com and best programming languages is a webpage or a post of this website. Without webpage, the website is nothing we can say.

Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing index webpage.

A webpage does not need any navigation. It has a URL. A user can share this URL to access directly that webpage by others.

If the whole website is static then the webpage is static but if the website is dynamic then the webpage can be static or dynamic.

Every page has unique information contains within it. The page of a site is the part of the whole website.




From the above details hope the reader is reading this get the answer difference between website and webpage. If the reader has any doubt do a comment.




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