Big announcements by Apple at WWDC 2018

WWDC 2018 has been completed by Apple. There are many major announcements from Apple. Here are the announcements from WWDC 2018.

iOS 12:-

iOS 12 for iPad and iPhone to perform faster than before. By iOS 12 the experience of iPhone and iPad is more delightful.

Key features of iOS 12
  • It will make the iPhone and iPad faster than ever.
  • 70% faster camera access.
  • Keyboard typing will make so fast.
  • App will load faster than ever.
FaceTime improvements
  • Now it will support up to 32 people with audio and video.
  • At the time of conversation, the face tile which will speak it will automatically get larger.
Animoji improvements
  • Now Animoji changes to emoji, we can design our own Animoji by our mood.
  • Also, there are new 4 Animoji we can choose from.
ARkit 2
  • Here are big improvements to ARkit.
  • It can now support multi-users.
  • It can now be sent by messages and emails.
  • A new App has been developed for ARkit.
Notifications improvements
  • Now it is so easy to handle our coming notifications.
  • We can manage notifications from the lock screen.
  • Siri also helps to manage notifications. Siri can also control all the notifications.
  • Now it is easier to control notifications by iOS 12.

Improvements of Do Not Disturb
  • iOS 12 gave new ways for Do Not Disturb service.
  • Now it is so easier to manage Do Not Disturb service.
  • We can set Do Not Disturb for sometimes or at that particular location or for that day evening or we can set a time period.
New photo sharing platform
  • Now it is very easy and reliable to share photos in between iOS 12.
  • Searching of photos is easy by iOS 12.
Siri improvements
  • By iOS 12 Siri can work easier than before.
  • Now Siri works on AI-based.
  • By Siri now it is easier to manage our daily routine.
  • Also, Siri can be controlled third-party apps.
Privacy improvements
  • There are many privacy improvements with iOS 12.
  • Safari can prevent tracking you without your permissions.
macOS Mojave:-

MacOS always gives a different level of work. There are many new features coming to macOS Mojave. Here are some features of new macOS –

New Dark Mode
  • The new MacOS has dark mode support.
Shifting desktop pictures
  • Now with new MacOS, we can change desktop pictures according to our mode.
Managing files with a new style
  • Now with new MacOS can automatically manage files like PDFs, documents, images etc.
New Search
  • With new MacOS Mojave, we can quickly locate the files.
  • There are also many more features we will find in the new macOS Mojave.
watchOS 5:-

A new OS for Apple watch has been announced. The name of the OS is watchOS 5.

Some features of watchOS 5
  • Details update of the workout.
  • The racing feature now improved, it will show the distance from the target place.
  • New bunches of podcasts. Walkie-Talkie now available with the new watchOS, the conversation now can be done with the compatible version of Apple watch.
  • Improvement of Siri.
  • Improvement of notifications.


Apple TV 4K:-

There is a new update for Apple Tv. Now this update gives a user to watch their favorite shows with 4K and also HDR.

Some other features of the new Apple TV update
  • It supports Dolby atoms with 360 surrounds.
  • Watch TV at one place i.e. at one app we will enjoy our favorite shows without switching app.
  • Now TV app is on iPhones and iPads and it works simultaneously across them.
  • Siri will work for according to our voice commands. Family games on AppleTV.
  • Photos and videos from iCloud to a TV.

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