best programming language to learn for 2019.

Best programming language to learn for 2019

The best programming language to learn for. Here is a small list about

As technology is developing day by day, so for future we should need to prepare for it. All the platform is turning into digitalization. Uses for mobiles, tablets, and Pcs is increasing rapidly day by day. For all these platform programmings is an essential part of implementing new technology. App and software users are increasing, for this some best programming languages need to learn for. So we are now going to discuss best programming languages to learn for 2019.

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Now coming to our main topic best programming languages to learn for 2019:

  1. JavaScript

As we may all listen to this. It is the most popular programming language. Many software companies are using this. According to stack overflow report, this is the most loveable by most of one.

If someone is preparing for a web developer or software developer this one is going for using most.

Using this dynamic website, Apps and many more can be made. For dynamic websites with JavaScript HTML and CSS knowledge is needed most.


  1. Python

Python is a popular programming language among all developers. As it requires fewer lines of codes than others, so it is a famous programming among.

As automation is increasing, so using python machine learning can be made easy.

It also supports many systems and helps a lot to improve productivity. So it another future programming language.


  1. Java

Like JavaScript, it is also famous. According to stack overflow ranking, it is on top.

As it offers different API activities like database connection, networking etc. It designed for using easy to use and can be easily compiled so it is another famous one among.

It has large numbers of open source libraries for use. Object-oriented language allows for reusable code.

So if one has wished for Java just go for it.


  1. C#

It is used for computer programming. The syntax of this as similar as C.

As students from technical field learn C in their education carrier, it is easy for them to learn C#.

It is not as difficult to learn, by a little labor a person can learn it. It is also a very good language. Finding a job by this also possible.

So anyone wishes for this just go for.


  1. Swift

Apple products are not going to away. Swift is using for developing Apple’s product programming like iPhones and MAC Os.

It is also a popular language among all developers.

Apple is now expanding with many products like watch Tv etc. So for the future, it is going to demand more and more.

So if someone has wished for developing Apple’s product, so go for swift. Also easy it is easy to learn Swift.


  1. C and C++

For games, graphics user interface, web browsers, database software, OS, Compilers, new programming language development this language is using.

All students form technical field learned this in their education. So for the future, it is not going to away as it has many uses.

So one can choose this for the future.


  1. Ruby

By ruby and rail framework this programming language is famous. The process is much faster than other frameworks and languages.

It is also good for new application development. It has also used for mobile development.

For OSX apps for like windows, Linux, mac this is used for.

It has also offered a good carrier. So a person can choose it.


  1. Rust

It is a system programming language. it has the ability for replacing C and C ++. So for this, it is going popular.

By stack overflow, it is also lovable like PHP, JavaScript, Python.

In the coming future, many users also going to use this.


  1. PHP

It is also a popular one. All should hear once about this. It is used for server side.

Maintaining a WordPress site or working as a freelancer it helps a lot. PHP has a lot of benefits to this.

PHP has always a job there. Learning this is also easy. So it is good to learn PH and make money.


  1. Go

It meant to be growth. Many companies are going for this. It will also be good to learn for the future.

It is also can take place C and C ++.

By learning it form the proper way it has a good future for.


  1. Android

It is widely usable platform among all peoples. mobile app-based services are increasing rapidly, there is a great future for this.

Many projects are converting into an app base as it is giving reliable performance o users.

So in future, it is not going away. Just learn every step and go for Android development.

  1. Kotlin

It is new and used for Android block design.

Java is used for android programming. But as compared to Java Kotlin is easier to use.

It is an open source language based on Java. Android is not using all features of Java 8. So developers are going for Java 6 and 7. So for this Kotlin come for.

it is becoming popular, so it is the good one to choose for.


Note: In the above, we discussed with best of knowledge and collecting data. So if there is any mistake you can freely comment below.

This is the small help for the best programming language to learn for from us.

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