salt water for hair

Benefits of using salt water for hair and skin

On the daily basis, we use salt. This is the most required ingredient for food. As we all know it contains chloride so it has a bad effect with using in high amount. Some people avoid swimming in the Sea as sea water contains salt and can be harmful to our skin and hair. But we may do not know that salt water for hair has great benefits and hair and skin like dandruff etc. It is easily available in everybody’s kitchen and uses is very easy.

What are the benefits of using salt water for hair and skin?

If there is a sea near your home, then you can go there and take a bath or can be swim. Keep in mind the head should deep inside the water when taking bath or swim. For seawater has to touch or flow on the scalp. You can wash the scalp and skin with your hand by sea water.

Keep in mind do not take a bath or swim for a long period of time inside the sea water. After completing the bath or swim need to rinse with fresh water. This need to do for removing if there is an excess of salt on our body or scalp.

Benefits of salt water for hair

Blood flow in the scalp

Se water contains many minerals like sodium, magnesium, calcium etc. These minerals have a very good and positive impact on our skin. When these minerals absorb by scalp and skin, it helps to flow blood circulation. It has antibiotic nature, this helps to reduce acne and other skin issues.

Healthy hair

If you have an opportunity to swim or take a bath in the sea then take it. As the healthy minerals absorb by our scalp and promote healthy hair. Saltwater for hair is the good choice to get good hair.

May reduce hair fall

As there are many good minerals in the sea water, when it got absorbs by our scalp then it helps to reopen and stimulate the dead hair follicles. This helps to reduce hair fall. If you have hair fall try this treatment once.

May help to reduce dandruff

Dandruff is a common issue now these days. Saltwater for hair can help to reduce this problem. Need to boil 3 spoons of salt with a cup of water. After that keep the solution to be cold. Then need to apply on scalp and after 5 to 10 minutes wash it with normal water and mild shampoo. Use cold water for washing hair.

My help to reduce from oily hair

At the time of washing hair if some salt is mixing with that then it helps to keep out dead cells from the scalp. This helps to reduce from promoting an excess of oil. Those who are suffering from this oily scalp disease try this solution once.

Reduce excess sweating

Some person scalp sweats a lot than normal. For this problem need to spray salt water spray. Saltwater can absorb moisture, it helps to soak sweat and oil.

Natural hairspray

Need to make a solution with 1 cup of water, 1 to 2 sea salt, 1 spoon of coconut oil or argan oil. Add some hot water to the solution. Before applying this shake well this. This may act as a natural hairspray for you.


If you have any serious problem then need to consult a doctor. All the above-discussed points are for minor cases and may not work for your case. After taking a bath or swim in the sea water then need to rinse with normal water.

Conclusion about salt water for hair

Saltwater for hair has many good and positive impact. All about the benefits of this has been discussed in the above points. For more stuff like this visit our health section and for more stuff visit our website.

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