artificial sun project

Artificial sun project has been started

New research and new technologies are developing day by day. All our scientists are working day and night to get and provide better and improved life to the world. As we know without the sun the universe cannot stay. Everything has a lifespan so also there is a lifespan for the sun. We studied that sun has already left its halfway life and it has around five billion years to go. So as technology is developing now artificial sun project has been stated. As a report on and china daily, China has been reported on it.


Before some month China has already been announced about the artificial moon, and now it has been created an artificial sun. This country also planning it for an energy source for the coming future.


Now we can say the artificial sun project is started

If we have any doubt that as the star sun has the temperature is very high, also the artificial sun temperature can reach up to 100 million degree Celsius.

To simulate these there is an earth-based simulator. This simulator was designed by Institute of plasma physics. By this, we can see the process that happens in the sun. We can say this is the copy of what is happening in the sun that we can see and measure on the earth.

As we know heat comes from the sun through nuclear fusion. As the simulator is doing the same the cost is high to produce that much heat. The cost around per day is $15,000. This much cost is needed for turning on that plasma machine.

artificial sun project has been started

Before China has been declared that it works on the artificial moon. And it is also planning to launch that moon into space to light up the urban areas. It is planning 3 artificial moons for launching.

Now we can imagine the future with the artificial sun and moon. As the artificial sun and artificial moon project have been started. In the coming future, we are going to witness it.

If you want to know more about artificial sun project and other details like this here is the source. Visit from the source link and know more.





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