Android 9 Pie.

Android 9 Pie With All New Features and AI

Android 9 Pie With All Newly Updated Features and Improved For AI

New Android P, the new Android 9.0 is here. The name of the new Android is set to Pie. The new Pie from Android is the new member of the Android family.

The new Android P is now officially from Google. Till launch, the new version of Android has been tested over 14,000 testers. Also, Google has been announced that the new Android will available for the flagship variants devices from Google. And the new Os will be available as Beta version for the flagship devices.

The new Android is available for the old Pixel phones like Pixel and Pixel XL and for the new Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL.

The new Android P the 9.0 version is the latest version for the old Android Oreo 8.0. To download the new Android for the Pixel phones. They have to check via OTA or manually for the latest Android update.

No doubt the new Android will make our Android experience smarter.

The new updates for Android P 9.0 the Android Pie:

New App action feature forms Android Pie. With this new feature, we can do all our things faster than before. This feature will predict the next according to our display and uses. After putting headphone we will see our favorite options on there.

All new Slices feature from Pie. By this user can easily show the user information from users favorite Apps, when the user will need.

As the Android 9.0 Pie is designed to make our Smartphone experience even smarter, the all-new feature is there for this. The new Adaptive Battery and Adaptive Brightness feature are there. By the Adaptive Battery, we can use Apps like in even in more. By Adaptive Brightness, we can customize the brightness for different settings and in different uses area.

android 9 pie

There is a new single Home button feature like iPhone. By this single button, the user can do more. This feature from Android named Single Navigation. As day by day, phones are getting more taller so this feature is more helpful for a long device. The user can see the recent App uses by the single tap by the Single Navigation button.

All new Smart Text Selection feature is there. From our recent App uses this feature will make easy to jump one of them to our need. The user can enable this feature from the Navigation Button.

android 9 p pie

Earlier in Google I/O in this year, Google has shoed the new features for the Android Pie. The new Dashboard, App Timer, Do Not Disturb, Wind Down. With the new Dashboard, the user can able to see how he/she is spending time on the phone. App Timer is allowing the user to set a time limit for an App at the home screen. New Do Not Disturb silence the visuals at phone’s screen and by Wind Down the Night Light and Do Not Disturb will active before going to bed.

There is always security is more important. So by Android Pie, there is more security integrated for the biometrics. It also secures users sensitive data like industrial data and the debit or credit card details. Also, there are new security details from Apple was announced by WWDC 2018. Like Google also improved the security for Android devices.

Also, there are new features for Google Assistant. The new feature for notifications like messages, photos, and stickers. Improved for AI-based smartphones.

All the details from Google for new Android 9.0 Pie has been declared. Now its time for users to give their opinions about the new Android P.

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