Amazon's new echo family 2018.

amazon echo family echo dot, echo plus, echo sub

New echo family from amazon echo dot 3rd generation, echo plus 2nd generation and echo sub

Amazon launched its three new Echo family devices. These three devices were launched on September 21, 2018. The members of the Amazon Echo family are Echo Dot, Echo Plus and Echo Sub. All these three Amazon’s Echo family devices have all new features with a new look, design and new speakers. The cheapest one is the Echo Dot and highest is Echo Plus one. Echo Dot is the newer version of previous Echo Dot or it is saying Echo Dot 2nd generation and Echo plus is also the 2nd generation.

Amazon’s Echo Dot:

It is the popular Voice controlled speaker from Amazon and the new Echo Dot is the new version. It has all new design and improved one. This device connects to Alexa and can play music, answer questions, tell the NEWS and Weather etc.

By Amazon Echo Dot user can stream music from Amazon Prime music and from Saavan.

The user can control this device by hands-free. The user can operate this device from a noisy room. This device can be controlled from 4 far fields.

Smart light and other supporting devices can be control by this device.

The price of this device is around $50 in the US.


Amazon’s Echo Plus:

Echo Plus is the newer version of the previous one. It is called as Echo Plus 2nd generation. This has all new and improved design. it comes with a built-in hub and user can easily set up and can control it.

It has all new speakers and comes with Dolby. It can play 360° audio with dynamic bass.

It also connects Alexa to play music, answer questions, telling the NEWS, Weather condition and controls supported smart home devices.

The user can play music from Amazon Prime and Saavan.

Calling and messaging can be done through the device. The device can be controlled from 7 far fields with the noisy environment.

The price of the device is around $150 in the US.


Amazon’s Echo Sub:

As the name suggesting this device is the subwoofer system device. It has 100 W deep bass sound with the 6 inches speakers. This device needs to pair up with other Echo devices for delivering the stereo sound.

It has the simple set up for use. the user needs to set up with Alexa App and enjoy the quality loud music with bass.

Through the other Echo devices, this Echo Subdevice can be controlled through voice.  The price of the device is $130 in the US.


All these three Amazon’s echo family also has color options. Echo Dot and Echo Plus have 3 color options.

The user can use this Amazon’s new Echo family the new Echo Dot, Echo Plus and Echo Sub with music playback, smart home control, alarms, and timers, calling and messaging etc.


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