adjustable reading glasses.

Adjustable Reading Glasses The Future Lens

Adjustable Reading Glasses, The Future Lens. Vision Changeable Eye Glass

Most of the people know these days use eyeglasses. All are use a prescription lens for nearsighted and farsighted. The vision varies regularly and needs to change the lens. Many are getting frustrated to do this. So there is a new technology for Adjustable Glasses.

Many people also have a clear vision but they only need for glass when they read something. They may forget to bring the glass as they have not needed the glasses regularly. So, in this case, the Adjustable Reading Glasses help them a lot.

So thanks for the technology is developing day by day. So after researching the scientists are found the new Adjustable Reading Glasses for the needy persons.

This technology will give clear required vision with the glasses. There is an adjustable dial at the side of the glass. The user has to adjust the dial to change its focal length. The main thing is that the user can set the dial with multifocal length.

To change the focal length of the glass user has to change the dial at the side, but there may a question how does the device work? When the user has to change the vision first user will put a hand on the other eye and keep adjust the slide. After adjusting of one eye then the user will put hand the already adjusted eye and then adjust the slide for another eye.

At the time of slider adjust there is it pump more or less silicon to the glass chamber. The silicon is protected by the glass chamber, and the chamber is made of plastic.

After the user get adjusted the vision which is the need, the user has to tighten the screw to fix the vision. There is a syringe for adjusting the vision. After screws get tight the user has to remove the syringes.

The user for this technology is increasing day by day. It is a very easy process, every user of this type of glass can fix the vision. No need to go again and again to prepare the new prescription.

The device by Dial Vision is available at Amazon. By the Dial, vision device user can set the vision from -6D to +3D for each eye. A user can easily adjust distance glasses or reading glasses. Both for men and women the device is available.

If we think that the glass frame may be slight weight but not the device is as light as we are the normal glass frames.

Also, the device is available in many colors and many sizes.

Everybody needs to know about the technology and required users have to try this.


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