human mission to mars

A human mission to Mars will take place soon

Science and technology are developing day by day. New researches are taking place every year. As we know to live on other planets like Mars, is a dream of humans. After landing on the Moon, humans and scientist have a dream to land other planets. Recently there was a Solar touch mission from NASA. A human mission to Mars is going to happen in the coming year. The work for that is continuously developing. Nasa is working for this and also partnering with other private companies for this mission.

The work for a human mission to Mars is working with phase and in the first phase, the budget is set up. As it has been settled by the U.S. gov.

When a human mission to Mars will take place?

From reports, the U.S. government has been set a time 2033 for this mission to get in work and by that time human will be on the land of Mars.

Phase one has been set to work between 2018 to 2025. In this time period, the launch and SLS rockets testing will be completed. The rocket will deliver the components and a new space station is going to build near the moon. This space station is set to build to work easier for astronauts.

In phase two the deep space transport will launch. The tube is set to inhabit around 400 days. In the year 2030 phase 3will take place. In this phase, the other requires part will be ship to space and the final part in the year 2033 the trip will happen.

To complete the mission with the budget is a challenge for NASA. Its set to be 5 percent of the total U.S. budget. It is 4 percent more budget than Apollo moon mission.

The astronauts who will go through the tube, they may be face mental health as they have to stay in the tube and no options are there for an emergency exit.

Space X and Boeing also has the aim to get mars in the year 2022.


Finally, the dream is going to come true. Man will land and stay on Mars. For more update about new science and other tech, updates visit our website regularly.

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