difference between internet and intranet

8 differences in between the internet and intranet

Now in this technology world, we use all those and makes our work easier. By that technology, it is integrating with everywhere and makes them in less time. Like that the internet is a part of technology we all use that, also there is a new term that you may hear that is an intranet. If you have ever got a question that what is the difference between internet and intranet, here you are going to know all about that.

Internet and intranet, these two-term sound a bit like a similar word. But these are not similar. There is a lot of difference between the internet and intranet.

What is the difference between internet and intranet?

Let us know first,

What is the internet?

According to the name, it is the global network that connected each other. Like wires are connected to each other through a pole or any other medium, like that internet is connected through all the networks that are available within the world.

To transmit data in between various media the internet uses IP address. There is an IP address of every device. If you are now on your Pc or laptop reading this post, then there is an IP of your device. To get that you can just type what is my IP or my IP at the Google search, it will show you your IP.

The Internet is not only transfer data for a specific person or for a particular device but also, it transmits data for private, public, academic, and government organizations.

We often see WWW ( world wide web ), it is not the same thing as the internet. The internet refers to global communication to that device which has the hardware.

Through the internet, you can do various work like email, data sharing, online movies, shopping, social networking etc.

In the year 1960, the government of U.S. made computer network called as ARPANET. This network was developed for commercial use in the year 1985.

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What is intranet?

It is a network that only accessible for a private network. It is only accessible to an organization. The data stored in the internal storage of that organization and that data are not available for public use as the internet.

The best way you can understand it that is LANs ( local area networks ) and WANs ( wide area networks ). LAN and WAN connect networks and devices that are in a certain range.

Now, these days the new and advanced intranet has services like the internet. It has a blog, search engines, and many other services.

The best example of the intranet is the uses of collaboration. Working in a group of conferencing like Customer relationship management, project relationship management etc.

From the above discussion, you may get some idea about the difference between the internet and intranet. But now comes to the right points below.

Difference between internet and intranet


Internet and intranet both are networks of a computer but the internet is used for publicly. Anyone can use it but intranet cannot as it is for a specific group or for an organization. It can only be used only for privately.


On the internet, there is a lot no of the intranet are there in between them. It holds many intranets.

But intranet is a part of the internet. Intranet builds from the internet when required some restrictions.


At the user base, the internet has a wide range of users but intranet has limited.

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Through the internet, the user can take unlimited traffic to websites, blogs or for business websites.

In intranet it is limited. The traffic source is limited in this case.


Through the internet user can access a wide range of information.

In the case, if intranet it is limited.


The Internet is not safe and secure like an intranet.


The Internet is available for the whole devices like Pcs or another access device but intranet is limited to a specific device.


By intranet, the user can be used on instant messengers can be work.

Conclusion about

The difference between internet and intranet

From the above discussion, definitions you can now sure that the difference between the internet and intranet. If any doubt you can do comment and for more stuff remember our site.

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