3 d color x ray.

3 D Color X-Ray

3 D Color X-Ray

Technology is upgrading day by day. Everyday human discovering new and latest technologies.

Before long days, there is the black and white photo we saw and now it is digital and many technologies take over photography and also in print media now we achieved many latest technologies.

But one thing was black and white and it was running on that black and white platform. This was the X-Ray. Now new technology has arrived on X-Ray. We are now able to see color X-Ray.

A company from NewZealand was able to scan for the first time a human body with the breakthrough color medical scanner based on Medipix3 technology and the Mdipix3 technology was developed by CERN. Two scientists named Phil and Anthony Butler was spent a decade two build this technology.

Working principle of  the medipix3 chip:

Medipix is a chip for imaging and detection of particles. The concept of Medipix is like a camera. As a camera detects and count each particle and makes an image. Medipix technology based on that but it can tell the higher version of the camera. It can able to capture high resolution and high contrast photos. For this, it makes unique to use in the medical platform.

The Hybrid pixel detector technology was developed at Hadron Collider. The new Color X-Ray is able to produce 3 D image of the particle. This 3 D scanner technology is coming from MARS Bioimaging Ltd, it is now commercializing the 3 D scanner technology. The new advanced chip Medipix3 and it can able to diagnose small particles and accurate energy resolutions. For this unique feature this device able to get images that no other imaging devices can be done.

Previously the X-rays was passing through the body or getting absorbed by the bones but the Medipix3 chip technology scanner records the energy level of X-rays when the rays hit the particles of the body. Then it converts the measurement into different colors to represent the bones, muscles, and tissues.

The benefits of the new 3 D color X-Ray:

Currently, we are using the black and white X-Ray and it is able to detect bone fractures. It is able to show little information about tissues and muscles.

With the new 3 D scanner, doctors can able to diagnose the full pieces of information of bones, tissues, and muscles. Also, the color 3 D scanner can produce clear and more accurate images than the black and white X-Ray. Accurate images help doctors to diagnose more to their patients.


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