3d body scanning mirror from naked lab.

3 D Body Scanning Mirror From The Naked Lab

A New Body Scanning Mirror From The Naked Lab. A Smart Home Solution From The Company

We all are daily using a mirror, but we never think that a mirror can scan a 3 D image of our body. Yes, now this is possible a new 3 D Body Scanning Mirror From Naked Lab is here to scan a 3 D image of our body.

Company’s CEO and Co-Founder Farhad Farahbakhsian are an Electrical Engineer and before 2 years ago he was introduced 3 D fitness tracker. This 3 D fitness was also crowdfunded at the company’s website. The device was launched slightly late as it was first set to be launch on March 2017.

The new 3 D Body Scanning Mirror From Naked Lab but only a scanner also a weight measuring device has been fitted with it. The mirror is set to scan the 3 D image and the weight measuring device is a rotating device.

The person has to stand in front of the mirror also, on the measuring device. The measuring device is to put in front of the mirror. It is also a rotating device. After the process is started the measuring device will rotate.  This is called the scale.  With 3 steps the device will give the result through its App, called the Naked App.

Now we may think what is the proposal for use 3 D Body Scanning Mirror From Naked Lab?

In a busy lifestyle, we ate more and more and forget to sweat down. So we increase more calories day by day and face many problems. If the problems are known to us then we are safe if it cannot see, that may cause illness, health problems in the coming future.

So here in Naked Lab mirror, as it scans our body, so we can see the changes in our body by the Naked App.

After we go down from the Scanning Scale, we will see the report in some minutes by the App. There will a 3 D model image from head to toe. The user can see the image with 360° of own. This image is produced due to the infrared scanner by the mirror. A silver color body image user will see.

Not only the 3 D image but also, the user will see the body weight, height, how much fat is present also measurement of arm, chest, waist and more.

So, by all this data user can measure the changes that are happening in the body. Also, the App will show, side by side comparison in 3 D model. So the user can deep measure the growth increment.

All data like body weight, fat and all other will show side by side. So, this side by side data will help the user to reach the goal easily. Some mass of body like lean mass, fat mass can be observable by App.

body scanning mirror from naked lab.



By all this user can watch and optimize the daily routine. Which type of lifestyle, diet, and workout is producing more output. By optimizing all the things a healthy result will see. Also, the user can reach the goal quickly.


This device is now coming under high-end smart home gadget. The user has to put the mirror scanner inside the home. We may think the price of the device. Is it at a cheap price? The price is $1,395.

In privacy, the company is very strong. The user is the owner of the account, all data and scan images. The user can delete it anytime. From the company side, there will never ask for sharing the data. Unless user puts share opt, no member from Naked Lab member views user data.

Also, any issue user will face, the user can share all issue by the customs agents. But after granting permissions to care, agents, the agent can view the scan images and all data.


Some quick specs of 3 D Body Scanning Mirror From Naked Lab.


  • 32 inches space needed between mirror and scale.
  • 24 inches of clear floor around the scale needs.
  • No fogged mirror and free from humidity.
  • Dim light can cover the windows.
  • Hard floor needs.
  • Max weight of the user is 150K.g.
  • Max height of user is 198 c.m.
  • Wi-Fi: 802.11 a/b/g/n 2.4/5 GHz needs for connectivity.
  • iOS 11 and Android Lollypop OS is supported.
  • 125V Ac needs and 2200 mAh Li battery has been introduced for powering.
  • Rechargeable via USB-C cable.
  • Fully scan battery can perform 100 scans.
  • 64 GB of storage is there.
  • Some needed sensors are there like Accelerometer, weight detection sensor etc.
  • Web view and Tablet view is not supported.


To get a quick and perfect transform of your body, it will be good to work with a trainer.


So from the details, the 3 D Body Scanning Mirror From Naked Lab is the smart home device. The company is doing its effort to provide such unique and smart devices.

The product now can be ordered from the official website of Naked Lab.

So. we can expect more innovative technologies in coming future.


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